Modern office work needs flexibility while also enhancing efficiency, which is precisely why we created OfficeButler24. It automates routine processes in your office through 24/7 availability of IT hardware, returns, rentals and replacements, supply of consumables, controlled hardware management and much more.

OfficeButler24 – the missing link for Office- and IT-Automation


OfficeButler24 is your 24-hour staff member who never goes on holiday, never is never sick, and is qualified and proficient in the following functions:

It keeps hardware ready for emergencies (ad-hoc support), provides targeted IT output (pick-up), supplies consumables (vending), and keeps a detailed record of the performed operations.

Thanks to the possibility for equipment rental (rent), it provides all employees with work equipment and also reminds them to return it on time (an alarm rings if it has not been returned) and it ensures the efficient replacement of old hardware (drop-off). OfficeButler24 is very popular among colleagues, which does not meet in person due to home office, field service, or different working hours, ensuring a safe and intuitive handover of work equipment (charming efficiency)

OfficeButler24 is completely modular and can be customized to fit any furniture design. It is easily transportable, can be moved by a pallet truck, and is configurable from small units to large systems. It provides a wide range of optical possibilities with over 250 surface design options.

Shortly – OfficeButler24 is the multi-tool for increasing efficiency in your company!


  • 24/7 availability of IT hardware (pick-up, ad-hoc support)

    OfficeButler24 is available to your employees around the clock in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Efficiency boost

    Increased IT availability allows your team to be focus on productivity and competency.

  • 24/7 hardware return or submission of repair cases (drop-off)

    Productive processing even for annoying operations.

  • 24/7 hardware rental station (rent)
  • Noticeable reduction of downtimes

    Replacement devices and consumables are always available, and software installation is fully automated.

  • 24/7 availability of consumables (vending)
  • 24/7 transfer station (charming efficiency)

    Colleagues can use this safe transfer station to exchange work equipment and documents.


OfficeButler24 is available in 2 widths, 2 depths, 2 overall heights, 6 compartment heights, and more than 250 surface designs. On request, customized solutions are also available.

Additional features: load cell, USB-C, LAN, 230V power, lighting; vending machine.

  • OfficeButler24 Main Module
  • 3 Module variants
  • Up to 12 compartments per Module
  • OfficeButler24 extension
  • 7 Module variants
  • Up to 20 compartments per Module
  • As a half-height sideboard
  • Extra module for textile storage (costumes/suits, coats)


OfficeButler24 provides a fully digital cloud system with plenty of functions for the secure distribution of hardware or consumables as well as the efficient acceptance of service cases.

The online portal is used for administration, and in addition to roles and notifications, it provides a clear overview of past and scheduled processes. Thus, it is possible to see which user performed which process when, which costs are to be assigned to which cost center, and further details. All inventory and transaction data are stored and managed through the cloud system.

OfficeButler24 has a contemporary look and feel. It is operated by the user via a touchscreen; a shop interface with intuitive online shop logic is available for supplying hardware and consumables.

OfficeButler24 can be used right away without additional software integration. Also, several API interfaces are available for ERP system integration.


  • Network Connection:

    LAN, WiFi

  • Voltage / Frequency / Power Supply:

    230V / 50-60Hz / 180W

  • Total Module height (outside, mm):

    1,010 / 1,900

  • Total Module depth (outside, mm):

    450 / 600

  • Total Modul width (outside, mm):

    800 / 950 / 1,100

  • Compartment heights (inside, mm):

    160 / 340 / 520 / 700 / 1060 / 1420

  • Compartment depths (inside, mm):

    410 / 560

  • Compartment widths (inside, mm):

    300 / 450

  • Additional features:

    Load cell, USB-C, LAN, 230V power, lighting.

  • Optional: Vending machine

    Shelf lift system, 32″ touch display for operation.

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