IT hardware field-support in times of manpower shortage

In today's competitive landscape, qualified employees are often the key factor for companies to grow and succeed.

Attracting talent and offering flexible working models like part-time or freelance positions are essential in quickly closing specific skill gaps. .

Close skill gaps

However, hiring new employees can be expensive and time-consuming. An alternative is to reskill current employees, which can be a faster and more cost-effective solution to close skill gaps.

For most white-collar jobs and a significant portion of blue-collar jobs, IT hardware and infrastructure are necessary. Therefore, providing comprehensive support to employees with the goal of zero downtime or inefficiencies is crucial for every IT field service. One way to achieve this is through first-class IT hardware asset management. By making IT hardware available anytime, anywhere, employees can be efficiently deployed and utilized.

End to end field support

OfficeButler24 is a smart IT machinethat combines the best features of an IT locker and a vending machine providing a modern and intuitive user experience..

It is modular and expandable, making it easy to match any equipment.

By integrating it with existing solutions and connecting via APIs, it can be quickly deployed.

Users can identify themselves using a badge, PIN, or QR code, and a wide range of equipment, including notebooks, smartphones, headsets, and accessories, are readily available.

Our IT asset management tool

Check here our IT asset management tool here

Efficient IT asset management and IT field support can significantly reduce service calls by 50%, minimising downtime and waiting times and allowing employees to be more productive..

With 24/7 coverage, OfficeButler24 can become a central touchpoint for users, creating a positive and modern customer experience.

Overall, by prioritizing comprehensive IT hardware asset management, companies can deploy employees more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


IT hardware machine – OfficeButler24

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