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Dispensing machines as an IT asset management system

Dispensing machines as an IT asset management system

Dispensing machines as an IT asset management system

vending machines as IT asset management system

In this post you will learn about the latest technology in IT field support and how it is revolutionizing workflows and processes through automation. Welcome to the office of the future!



IT hardware challenge

A successful process of activities at the workplace is characterized by simplified and as simple as possible processes. The processes in the IT departments of companies are often more complex and lengthy than desired. This is often due to the fact that a wide variety of IT hardware products, including PCs, USB sticks, SIM cards, etc., are passed on from employee to employee at high frequency. This causes a lot of administrative effort and can often result in great confusion for the IT service desk staff. This scenario becomes even more complex as soon as vehicle keys or other critical objects are handed over. It is often no longer possible to trace back which person is now in possession of the object.

The goal is therefore to find an IT asset management tool that largely automates the issue of critical IT hardware. This not only leads to a more regulated process, but in particular to a reduction in additional consumption and the elimination of the risk of loss.


IT dispensers as a solution

A simple and straightforward solution for optimized IT hardware management is the issuance and return via IT dispensers. The same give the user a good insight into the products, as with a classic vending machine. It is operated via a touchscreen, which in turn increases the user experience many times over. IT dispensers can also be integrated with personnel management systems. An employee can thus activate products for dispensing by scanning his personnel card at the machine. This simplifies billing, since the expense can be assigned to the employee's cost center.

Our IT hardware dispensers

With its intelligent IT service desk, OfficeButler24, DerAutomat Harrer puts the specifications just described into practice. 24/7 issue of IT hardware as well as perfect inventory, billing via personnel cards and tracking via our in-house developed software solution. OfficeButler24 is your way to the office of the future in terms of the Internet of Things.

IT hardware machines must cover the following areas:


Reliable availability:

End-user support is about reliability, speed and availability. Especially in today's world, which is characterized by freelancing and remote work, there are some use cases in which the automated issue of IT hardware is a decisive factor for success. Thanks to automation technology, employees can pick up critical IT hardware from the dispenser at freely selectable times. Without prior notification, billing problems or the risk that the desired item is not on site. This process takes place via lockers in which a PC can be preconfigured for the user via an integrated LAN cable.

Easy return:

The return of IT equipment is just as crucial as the safe and reliable issue. Employees can deposit items such as PCs or mobile phones in the lockers that are integrated into the dispensers. The same are equipped with LAN cables, which can pre-configure the delivered device for the next user.


Tracking and benchmarking:

The core essence of an IT machine is its ability to document all processes. Only then does a dispenser become a smart vending machine. The automation solution can also be linked to ERP systems, which leads to a smooth inventory of IT devices. All inventory and movement data can be viewed and administered in a software portal.


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